Today is the start of me getting fit and losing weight.

I previously bought a new exercising outfit and weighing scales for this new venture.  The clothes were from Primark and Matalan as I didn’t want to spend too much money on clothes that I hope won’t fit me for long.  The scales were from Boots and that was for convenience as it is close to Matalan.  They were only 99p more expensive than the out of stock ones from I could have got at Wilko.  I already used a picture of the outfit and scales on my last blog so I can’t really use them again, hence the image of just the socks I wore today.

At the start of my fitness regime I weigh 11 stone and 12 pounds.  My current goal, however, is not as much to lose weight as it is to lose fat.  I am going to be lifting weights as well as doing cardio in the hope that at the same time as losing fat I will gain muscle, so my weight may not decrease in the same way as if I was just dieting and doing cardio.

Ideally I want to fit into 30 inch waist trousers again; that’s the dream.  Currently I wear 36 inch waist trousers so I have a bit of a way to go.

Whilst the main point of this is to lose the fat that I have become very unhappy with, I am also hoping that it will improve my fitness, stamina, strength and health.

I started my day with a full hour exercising.  I did a warm-up; then lifted weights for every area of my body, only one set of 10 reps for every exercise; I followed that with some stretches as a cool down.  I still had 15 minutes left so I did some light cardio by jogging on the spot.

For breakfast I had the last of the crunchy nut cornflakes that were in the cupboard so that was not as healthy as I would have liked.  Lunch wasn’t either, as it was a ham and guacamole sandwich followed by a packet of crisps.  This is because I still have food in the cupboards that needs eating but by the end of the week a more healthy morning and afternoon meal should get underway.

Dinner was a homemade Chicken Korma!  This will shock anyone reading this who knows me as I am not a fan of hot food and have never eaten a curry.  I made the curry myself, using a recipe from the Hairy Bikers’ diet book, which I have had for about a year but never cooked from.  I used less of the spices and curry powder than they suggest so that it would be ok for my delicate taste-buds.  It was just the right incredibly mild hotness for me.


I am looking forward to making many more delicious, nutritious and low fat recipes.

P.S. The first attempt at the rice didn’t work out as I have never cooked it before so I threw it into a dish with some milk and brown sugar and we now have rice pudding for afters.





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