Imagine my dismay yesterday when I stood on the scales to see that I had, instead of losing any weight, in fact put on 3lbs.

It turns out that having three Costas in one week and only exercising the once, and that at the beginning of the week, plus two days of ice cream and one massive burger and chips meal out are not conducive to a lifestyle that will lead to being healthy, fit and less fat.  Who knew?

Maybe my first week was not planned very well.  Maybe I have an issue with will power.  Maybe I am incredibly lazy.  Nope, no maybes about it.

There was some effort made last week, however, so it wasn’t all bad.

I made some amazing homemade meals, some from the Hairy Dieters Cookbook.

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I know that my failure to lose weight is due to a lack of effort on my part.  If I am serious about losing fat and getting fit I need to be a lot more focused, and visit Costa a lot less often!

Going forward I need to step up my game and make a lot more effort with both my meals and my exercise routine.  I will also try to blog more than once a week so that I can keep track of my progress on a more regular basis.

5 thoughts on “My first week of being fit and healthy did not go to plan!

  1. Don’t lost hope, we all fall off the wagon some times. My tips to you would be maybe to manage your mind so you can get into the right state of mind for losing weight. I recommend two books, one called “The Chimp Paradox” and another called “Unlimited Power”. Both are great, and both have helped me through anxiety, but they can help with so much more.

    Also, you need to eat delicious meals which are healthy and yes they exist. Check out Joe Wicks 15 minute meals, he has an Instagram (TheBodyCoach) and 3 best selling cook books, the man is incredible (although annoying at times).

    Don’t just go to the gym to work out, usually you lack motivation and will power to actually do anything in the gym unless you know what you’re doing or have a personal trainer. I suggest you try to find a sport you love, swimming, tramploning, karate, whatever. As long as you enjoy it, you will keep on going and it will never feel like a work out.

    I do Crossfit and freaking love it, it’s like better than any gym workout and I don’t have to think about what I’m doing, I just turn up, listen to the coach then do the workout. It’s fantastic. One guy I watch on Youtube (ObeseToBeast) lost over 180lbs just going to the gym and eating correctly and now he’s a force to be reckoned with, I seriously recommend you check out his vids as they are truly inspiring.

    I wish you the best of luck in your weight loss and really hope you achieve your goals. – Mike

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    1. Thanks Chloe. I did not punish myself, instead I rewarded myself with another visit to Costa. I think maybe I am approaching this weight loss adventure slightly wrong!


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