To my actual surprise I lost a pound in weight over the last week.  I was not expecting that as I was not being very careful about food. 

On Tuesday the 23rd, the fiancé and I went to dinner at the Walnut Tree Farm Inn for the birthday celebration of a friend.  The thing about this pub is the desserts.  They are massive and delicious.  I knew that I would be having one of their puddings so I had a light dinner of fish and potatoes.  There then followed a GIGANTIC chocolate fudge brownie.

The rest of the week was not as bad and we had standard dinners at home.  Nothing particularly bad was had but we did not watch what we were eating either.

I also did not do much exercising, only two days at the beginning of the week.

It is my firm belief that the reason I lost the weight is that in the part-time job last week I was doing a rather active task rather than sitting at a desk.  Four hours a day of physical labour is bound to have some effect on me, other than exhausting me!

I am a bit late in blogging about it because Monday was a bank holiday and so I was not really going to write a blog post then.  Yesterday, we had an impromptu visit to the cinema to see Snatched with the glorious Goldie Hawn and Amy Schumer, which we both enjoyed a lot more than I was expecting.

Snatched: Go see it!

This evening, however, I have some spare time so am able to put fingers to keys and get something posted.

This week, so far, has not been the best either but I have 4 days left to go for it with the exercise (have done one day, so far, this week) and we have salad for most of the week.  I still have lots of manual labour to do at work too so fingers crossed for a healthier week and greater progress by the next weigh in on Monday.

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