Key Points:

  • Use products sparingly
  • Get into a routine
  • Care for the skin under your beard
  • The price of the product is not reflective of its adequacy

As a Beauty Therapist, I feel strongly about skincare.  I have chastised clients for using the incorrect product or not following a daily routine.  Don’t get me started on women and men who wear make-up daily but fail to look after the skin thereunder.

The same thing goes for men with beards who fail to care for what’s underneath.

There are enough products on the market for there to be no reason not to have a proper beard and skin care routine.  There is plenty to suit every budget too; my current beard products were bought at Pound World!  Skincare doesn’t have to cost the earth, even when using multiple products.

And multiple products are exactly what I have in my bathroom cabinet.

I start by washing my face with a cleanser.  I currently use L’Oreal Men Expert Ice Cool Face Wash because it was a Christmas present.  It leaves my skin tingling, which is a lovely start to the day.  Apply cleanser gently to all the face, the front and back of the neck and up to and around the ears.  No need to scrub or rub harshly for a daily wash.


After the face wash I shampoo my beard, in the same water, since I am not wasteful.  I use By My Beard Shampoo, which I got from Pound World, as previously mentioned.  I think it was an end of line product since I haven’t seen it since.  Only a little bit is needed to get a nice lather so it has lasted a while.  Massage the shampoo into the beard with your finger tips to get down to the skin below.

Next is a shave, because I do not have a full beard.  I use Nivea Men Sensitive Shaving Foam as it was a Christmas gift and we’ve just finished the Gillette Foam we last had.  I like Nivea products for shaving and have used various of them since I was a teenager.  It is preferable to apply shaving foam with a brush because it helps to raise the hair.  If you don’t have one, just rub the foam onto slightly damp skin in the areas you are shaving.  I shave my cheeks and my neck, where I apply the foam in circular motions.


Shaving is quick when you’re only doing a few areas.  I always shave with the grain, because I have coarse hair, so shaving against causes aggravation.  I’ve used Gillette Mach 3 razors for as long as I can remember.  Any razor is fine if you shave regularly.  It’s when you leave the hair to grow that cheaper razors and disposables don’t work so well.

Once finished I pat my skin and beard dry before using toner.  Some people skip this, especially guys, thinking it’s not necessary.  I am an advocate of using toner.  It is not just for removing excess make-up; it can help to tone the skin and remove dead skin cells.  Apply sparingly with a soft cotton pad onto your unbearded areas.  Avoid downwards dragging motions, always use upwards ones.  In our house, we have Simple Soothing Facial Toner, because that’s the one my fiancé has always used and it’s cheaper to buy just the one toner between us.


After toning I use moisturiser; with three different products!  For the areas of my face I have not shaved (forehead, nose, back of neck, around my ears, eyes) I currently use Simple Hydrating Light Moisturiser as it was cheap in Asda.  As with the toner apply it in upward motions; you don’t need to give gravity a helping hand.

For the shaved areas I have, since time immemorial, used Nivea Men Sensitive Post Shave Balm.  I apply it in upwards strokes to my neck and cheeks.  I always put slightly too much on and leave it to dry on my skin as this adds to the soothing effect.

On my beard, I use another Pound World find of By My Beard Conditioner & Face Moisturiser.  It smells amazing and is a conditioner for the hair as well as being a moisturiser for the skin.  Apply with fingertips and get right down to the skin.  Be gentle as rubbing it in too hard can make the beard scratch the face, which we don’t want.

Finally, I add beard oil, presently By My Beard Oil because it was with the other beard products in Pound World.  Apply this to the beard only so don’t rub it in as far as the conditioner.  Once applied comb the hair to spread it throughout, whatever the beard length.


There you have it, the morning skin and beard care routine of a bearded male beauty and grooming therapist.

Final Points:

  • The earlier in life you start to care for your skin the easier it will be to fall into a routine, but it is never too late to start.
  • Use products sparingly and they will last you longer whilst you still reap the benefits.
  • Always use products that are suitable for your skin type

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