Currently I am a mature student at Southampton Solent University where I am studying fashion journalism.  The end goal is to work in the fashion industry once I have completed my degree.  Although I am coming into it later in life than most I am confident that will be to my advantage.

In the meantime I am enjoying exploring what fashion, beauty and grooming mean to me, which is the purpose of this website.

Like most people who want to go into the fashion industry I have a love of clothing and I like to think I am somewhat individual with my style.  I like to wear items that are in style but I like to do it my own way.

As well as being a fashion enthusiast I am something of a sci-fi/superhero geek, which is a large influence on my style.  I try to have something a little geeky in most outfits, even if it is only my Lego Superman Watch.


I have a list of beauty and massage therapy qualifications that I gained a few years ago when I was chasing a career in the beauty industry.  Unfortunately, financial constraints meant that I had to cease my training.  I still continue to practise beauty and massage therapies in Southampton.

To go to university I left a career in administration and a job I had been in for 9 years.  I had been looking for a new job for a good few years but was unable to progress in administration without some form of qualification.  My employer was not going to shell out for an NVQ, or similar, and I could not afford such myself so felt that the best way to move on would be to finally get a degree.

After much deliberation I made the decision that if I was going to university I might as well choose a degree that I was interested in rather than one that would help me progress in a career I disliked.  Hence my reason for doing fashion journalism.

So that’s a little bit about me.  More will be revealed in my blog and articles and as the website grows.