Skin and Beard Care Advice

Key Points: Use products sparingly Get into a routine Care for the skin under your beard The price of the product is not reflective of its adequacy As a Beauty Therapist, I feel strongly about skincare.  I have chastised clients for using the incorrect product or not following a daily routine.  Don’t get me started … Continue reading Skin and Beard Care Advice

Kenzo x HM Autumn/Winter 2016

If you have a modicum of interest in fashion it’s likely that you’re aware of H&M’s annual team-ups with a designer or celebrity (David Beckham endorsements notwithstanding). For 12 years the “H&M Collaborations” have been an exciting feature in the fashion calendar with everyone from Beyoncé to Madonna to Balmain to Versace having lines exclusive … Continue reading Kenzo x HM Autumn/Winter 2016