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Why I don’t do mirror selfies.

I mostly photograph clothing grids or my shoes and socks for my Instagram page for a number of reasons, including the dilemma of how to pose for a mirror selfie.

Do you look in the mirror, at your phone screen or at the phone viewfinder?  Do you pose with the phone at eye level, therefore obscuring part of your face or down low, which looks weird?  Do you only take a photo of your clothes, therefore cutting off your own head and becoming a faceless figure?  There are too many questions that need to be answered and that is just too much thinking for a fashion post.

Photographs taken by another person are also just more aesthetically pleasing and, since I do not currently have a constant photographer companion, I choose to take photos that I find appealing.  In time I would like to include more photos of me, but they will need to be taken by someone else.

Recently, however, I bought an amazing new coat from Topman so I wanted to do it some justice by showing it on.  My fiancé had already left for work and I was not meeting anyone the first day I wore it so a selfie had to do.  I stood before my bedroom mirror bundled up in coat, gloves, hat and scarf (for full effect) trying to snap pictures of myself that did not make me look like a complete weirdo.  Alas I failed and they all made me look like a complete weirdo:

Still, I posted a selfie on Instagram that day, which has since resulted in 36 likes and two positive comments, giving me some sense of pride.  The process of doing so and the strangeness I felt in posing for myself before a mirror have ensured that this will not be something that I repeat in a great hurry.

Unless, of course, I find that one piece of clothing that makes me look like Ryan Reynolds.